Several of our KRAC runners participated in the Inaugural Wytham Woods 10k event. The general concensus was that it was a lovely run through a beautiful wood, however there were some concerns it was tough and the ground could cause injuries as it was uneven and there were lots of hidden tree roots.

I can recommend Wytham woods 10K. Challenging hilly xc, but beautiful surroundings- I loved it! Nice handmade medal too.

Position Name Category Time
3 Graham HOPE SM 00:40:42.04
19 Thomas HOLDSWORTH SM 00:45:53.57
26 Richard SCAIFE VM40 00:46:45.29
39 Matthew HEYDON MV50 00:50:35.95
78 Richard GREENWOOD MV60 00:55:38.33
84 Sarah SCAIFE FV45 00:55:14.07
116 Lucy TAPPER HOWE FV45 00:58:34.32
Wytham Woods 10k – 09-Jun-2019 (r)