The Virgin London Marathon 2019 was always going to be special, with over 414000 applicants there were over 42000 runners making it the biggest London Marathon ever. 6 KRAC members ran it, with the KRAC ballot place going to Jim Ruddick at the Christmas Party.

3 of our KRAC members have written blogs about their experiences, please read:
Katie’s report, as she ran as Superwoman for Maggies’ Cancer Centres,
– Jim’s report as he raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and
Lucy Tapper Howe‘s account of her marathon in support of the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary and Dogs on the Streets.

Well done to all our runners many of whom also raised a huge amount of money for Charity, including Jim Ruddick who raised over £11000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, Katie Webster, and Lucy Tapper Howe.

Position Name Category Time
9093 K. Webster LV35 3.40.16
10023 N. Holford LV50 3.44.08
10990 L. Tapper Howe LV45 3.48.07
14081 A. Duffy V45 3.58.08
19945 R. Jeacock LV45 4.20.06
22522 J. Ruddick V40 4.29.25
London Marathon – 28-April-2019 (r)
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