After a morning of torrential rain a large contingent of KRAC runners braved the strong winds to run the Otmoor Challenge.

The challenge is hard enough on a good day thanks to a big hill towards the end of the route, so well done to everyone who managed to brave the elements to run it.

Mike Search was full of praise; “The Ladies did particularly well and won the Team Prize this year; so special congratulations to Andrea, Heidi, Claire, and Clari. They picked up a nice piece of glassware and individual medals.”

I’ve never been so surprised 😮 it was a parting of the sea as I pushed my way through the crowds… let me to my award 🥇 I have never won anything before … (and probably won’t again)


Another notable performance from Mark Dilks saw him pick up another bit of silverware for coming 3rd in the V40 category and he was 8th overall.

Thanks to Graham for the photos!

KRAC Results

Position Name Category Time
8 M. Dilks V40 1.24.01
12 S. Myers V40 1.26.26
29 H. Day SM 1.34.26
87 A. Finnigan LV40 1.45.51
136 K. Webster SL 1.50.28
152 I. Wakefield V50 1.52.44
178 N. Roberts V40 1.57.15
184 C. Beesley SL 1.58.32
199 S. Duffy SL 2.01.48
200 R. Alden V50 2.02.26
201 H. Lancaster LV40 2.02.38
222 R. Jeacock LV40 2.07.31
227 M. Search V60 2.08.46
230 C. Demczak LV40 2.09.34
260 J. Smith LV40 2.17.18
261 T. Carr LV50 2.17.19
The Otmoor Challenge – 08-Jun-2019 (r)