Several of our KRAC runners participated in the Inaugural Wytham Woods 10k event. The general concensus was that it was a lovely run through a beautiful wood, however there buy tramadol online usa were some concerns it was tough and the ground could cause injuries as it was uneven and there were lots of hidden tree roots.

I can recommend Wytham woods 10K. Challenging hilly xc, but beautiful surroundings- I loved it! Nice handmade medal too.

Position Name Category Time
3 Graham HOPE SM 00:40:42.04
19 Thomas HOLDSWORTH SM 00:45:53.57
26 Richard SCAIFE VM40 00:46:45.29
39 Matthew HEYDON MV50 00:50:35.95
78 Richard GREENWOOD MV60 00:55:38.33
84 Sarah SCAIFE FV45 00:55:14.07
116 Lucy TAPPER HOWE FV45 00:58:34.32
Wytham Woods 10k – 09-Jun-2019 (r)