Entry forms

Postal entries for this year’s Mota-vation race series have now closed.

After the record number of runners at Combe I, we regret that no more new entries will be taken for this season. Anyone who has entered for previous races will still be able to pay for further races on the night.

Before completing your entry, please take notice of the Entry Information below and also read the Race Rules.


For general enquiries, please use the contact box on our home page.

For specific enquiries about your entry, please contact the Entries & Results Secretary, James Moss, on 01865 849361 or e-mail at j.moss139@btinternet.com. In particular, if you wish to pay for your entry online, please e-mail to ask for the club’s bank details, and then reference your payment “Mota-vation” together with your name.

Timing will again be provided by Tempo Events and individual results are immediately available on the laptops provided; full race results will appear at www.tempoevents.co.uk usually the same evening. Please send any queries to them within 48 hours using their contact page, and also send an e-mail to James Moss as above.

Entry Information

Please note the following (in particular, 7-10 relate to legislation that we are required to follow):

If you do not enter for the entire series, you should still fill in only one entry form during the season, even if you pay for only one race initially. It will be possible to pay for subsequent races (with entry guaranteed) as you run. https://www.devonhealthandwellbeing.org.uk/buy-cialis-tadalafil-online-uk/. Please ensure that you include your e-mail address if you would like an acknowledgement. This will be used if it is necessary to contact you for any reason (and only for that purpose – e.g., if there is a postponement due to flooding, as happened twice in 2012). Numbers will be issued only at race venues, not in advance.

  1. You will carry the same race number for the entire series, even if you pay as you go, unless you need to be issued with a fresh number as noted at 1.2 below:
    1. A single number will be issued at the first race (or at the first race that you attend) with your chip attached to the back, and this must be attached to your vest on the front using pins on all four corners – you should be careful not to fold the number and should retain it for use in subsequent races.
    2. If you forget to bring your number subsequently, a fresh number (and chip) will be provided at a cost of £2 and that new number must be used subsequently as the timers’ database will be changed.
    3. We anticipate holding a single race for both men and ladies at Charlton – however, it has been agreed with our officials that, if conditions require it on the night, we will split men and ladies with the latter starting approximately five minutes after the men.
    4. Please arrive as early as possible at Charlton to collect your number; desks will open shortly before 6.00. Please help us by joining the right queue (by category). Access to the car park will close at 6.45 to allow runners to assemble off road before the race. If there are traffic issues on the A34 the race start may be delayed, but we have very limited flexibility in order to ensure completion of the race in daylight, especially in poor weather.
  2. Those who are members of clubs that assist us with marshalling should use the special entry forms that have been issued to those clubs for bulk entries.
  3. Entries for both the Charlton and Bletchingdon races close on Monday 15th April, and there will be no entries on the night (except at Bletchingdon, for those who have entered for Charlton and have not prepaid for Bletchingdon, but are guaranteed an entry under Note I).
  4. We hope to start allowing new entries by post or on the night from the third race (Combe) onwards, and will update the position on this website after the Bletchingdon race.
  5. Except for the new venue for Race 5, all our races use roads having significant amounts of traffic. Although we put out warning signs and have marshals placed at all corners where more than isolated traffic may enter, runners are responsible for keeping to the side of the road buy ativan online legally unless being crossed by marshals, and for paying attention to traffic. You are reminded that there is a ban on the use of personal music devices that may prevent runners from hearing traffic that approaches from behind. See Safety Advice for further detail.
  6. Changing facilities
    All our venues provide separate changing facilities for men and ladies.
  1. Young persons
    To assist us in complying with legislation relating to young people, we request that any runner under the age of 18 who is not under the direct supervision of a UKA affiliated club or school should be accompanied to and from each race by a parent or otherwise responsible adult. No separate changing facilities are available.
  1. All spectators under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  2. Cleanliness
    We request that all competitors follow due diligence in respect of hygiene and the handling of water and cups that are made available to runners, to assist us in complying with Health and Safety legislation. Similarly, we ask that runners do not urinate in fields as this may lead farmers to ban their use for parking in future. [See Rule 9 which may be invoked without warning.]
  1. Disabilities
    All athletes must compete on foot. Runners with disabilities but who can sign the “fit to run” declaration are welcome, but no special provisions are available. Runners who wish to participate with a guide should advise the organisers in writing at the same time as submitting an entry. Full consideration should be given to other athletes and to conditions, in particular to roads with traffic and to short sections of courses which are on grass. Race 5 is entirely off-road.
  1. Special arrangements for the Charlton-on-Otmoor race
    The first race is part of the Oxon AA Grand Prix Series. We anticipate holding a single race for men and ladies starting at 7 pm but, to accommodate all those who wish to run and to keep within the course capacity agreed with our County Officials, this race may require us to separate men and ladies; this will also be the case if the course is deemed unsafe for the full number on the night due to inclement conditions. In such circumstances, the ladies race will start at 7.05. Unless the start has been delayed, there will be no entry to the car park after 6.45 in order to permit runners to assemble off the road in that entrance prior to the start.
  1. Parking arrangements
    At Charlton and Bletchingdon, free car parking is provided in neighbouring fields; at Combe, parking is within the Recreation Ground. All runners must park as directed and should not abuse this provision or the goodwill of the communities by parking on streets.

    There is parking at Stratfield Brake only for officials and marshals. All runners should park at the Water Eaton Park and Ride, and should allow time to walk/jog to Stratfield Brake. Do not park in the adjacent slip road, again out of courtesy to residents.

  1. Postponements
    Every effort will be made to rearrange any races that have to be postponed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. No refunds will be made should this be impossible, and the number of races required to qualify for series prizes will be reduced to one less than the number of races that are held.
  1. Publication of Results
    By entering, you agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times, and age category.
  1. Photography
    Barry Cornelius will continue to take photographs of these races for publication on his website www.oxonraces.co.uk and for possible use by the press, and by running you accept this. If you do not wish your image to appear as a significant part of any photograph that he publishes or provides, you should put a bold red cross across your race number – felt tip pens will be provided at each race for this purpose.