All our races use roads that have significant amounts of traffic. Although we put out warning signs and have marshals placed at all corners where more than isolated traffic may enter, runners are responsible for keeping to the side of the road unless being crossed by marshals and for paying attention to traffic. This is especially important on the Bletchingdon course, and also on the new Combe II course which at one point is narrow and where we will have special control of traffic.

Our courses are predominantly “left hand” courses, and all runners must keep to the left except where explicitly directed to the right by marshals (relevant at Bletchingdon and Combe I only). Other than this, running on the right to cut corners will be deemed a “hazard” and risk disqualification under Rule 7.

Runners are reminded that the ban on use of personal music devices is there for safety reasons, to ensure that you can be aware of traffic without distraction. The signature on your entry form acknowledges that you accept that any use will result in immediate disqualification.

By the same token, all competitors should pay due regard to runners when driving, whether on arrival or on any early departure. We cannot restrict other drivers, but at all races early leavers will be directed to drive away from oncoming runners; failure to follow instructions will be deemed to be causing a hazard under buy accutane isotretinoin online Rule 7, as will parking on the course or on a side road rather than the designated car park to facilitate early departure, and render the offender liable for disqualification.