Kidlington Running & Athletic Club is based at Stratfield Brake Recreation Ground in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. This 20 acre sports facility, built by the local parishes and district council with a substantial grant from Sport England, was opened in late 1999. There are three rugby pitches and two cricket squares, with a further area for football and, in summer, space to mark out a 400 metre grass track.

An adjoining area of similar size is managed by the Woodland Trust; part has been planted with trees and part has been devoted to a wildlife preserve, with paths running through. Circuits of the rugby and cricket areas each give runs of around 1000 metres; the latter can be extended to 1500 buy cheap ativan metres using the adjoining paths. The Woodland Trust area extends south and west towards the Oxford-Birmingham canal. A new bridge, opened in 2006, across the canal has given us immediate access to the towpath and country running.

The pavilion has modern changing facilities and a substantial upstairs function room with bar and kitchen which provides 360 degree viewing of the entire grounds. The function room is available for private hire – bookings are made via Legacy Leisure (01865) 847496.

KRAC together with Gosford All Blacks Rugby Club and Kidlington Cricket Club were the founder clubs of the centre and have been involved with its design and development since 1996.