Why can’t you spell “Motivation”?

The series is named after a now defunct motor accessories company called “Mota-vation” who used to sponsor the series. At the time of writing they still had a page on Yelp

Entry & race numbers 

Do I have to be a member of a running club in order to enter? 

While the majority of entrants are attached to running clubs, we also welcome “unattached” runners. 

Can I enter races individually rather than the whole series? 

Most participants enter the whole series. We offer individual entry to Charlton as that is part of the Oxfordshire Grand Prix. After Charlton, we will assess capacity and decide if there is space to open up individual entry to other races. 

Can I enter on the night? 

For Race 1, there will be no entries available on the night. From Race 2, if we decide to allow entry to individual races, we may offer entry on the night (see question above for more detail about individual race entry).  

I’ve lost/damaged my race number – what shall I do? 

Please come to the Entries Desk at the next race where you will be issued with a new number and timing chip. Our database will be updated with your new number so please keep the new number, even if you find the old one! 

Is it still possible to enter via post? 

From 2024, we have switched to online entries. 

I entered one race, now I want to enter another – do I keep the same number? 

Yes, please keep the same number and inform us that you already have a number. 


Why am I not appearing in the race results? 

Occasionally the chip timing system does not pick up a runner crossing the line, for example, if the runner has their hand over the area with the chip. If you notice that you are not in the results, please use the contact information on the Results page. 

Will my results appear on the Power of 10 website? 

Yes, we will submit the results via Run Britain. Please note that it can take a few days for the results to be published on the Power of 10 website. 


Do you have a cut-off time?

We do not have a cut-off time. If you are likely to take over 1 hour for our 4 mile courses (1.25 hours for our 5 mile course), you may find there are not many other runners around. Please look at the past race results to get an indication of how many runners are likely to be with you.  

For the Team event, do the same runners need to be in the team each time? 

No, we will take the first runners over the line from your club. See Race Rules for more information.