Club Membership

The annual Membership Fee currently stands at £25. This includes:-

Concessionary Membership:

  • For those over 18 but in full time education.
  • The annual membership fee for juniors (under 16 or still at school) is £15.00. This covers cross-country and SEAA affiliation for those eligible for road races as above.

Club members are always welcome to attempt as many or as few events as they like although participation is sometimes encouraged during team events.

It is the policy of the Kidlington Running & Athletic Club to ensure, so far as reasonably possible, the health and safety of all athletes and coaches engaged in training and competition with the club. For more information please read our Health and Safety Policy.

Please note that under 18’s must have a Parental Consent Form signed before they will be permitted to run with us and, for their first session, be brought and collected by a parent or guardian.

As a guide, new runners should be able to run 30 minutes without stopping. A suitable running background would come either from active sport at school or being able to complete a park run (speed immaterial).

Join Us!

If you have any further questions about membership or would like to join the Club please contact us via the contact form below.