1. UK Athletics rules shall apply, except where variations are set out below.
  2. Runners must be over the age of 15 on the day of a race to compete. For the purposes of age categories, age shall be determined as of the day of the first race, namely 2 May. Every runner under the age of 18 must have their entry form signed by a parent or guardian, and must be accompanied to and from the race by a responsible adult.
  3. All runners who are not registered with England Athletics shall be liable to the “full” (higher) entry fee. Any runner who claims registration by membership of a club when not such a member shall be disqualified for the entire series and will not have any entry fees refunded.
    1. Runners may compete for only one club during the series. The UK Athletics rule, that a runner shall run only for his or her first claim club unless a member of a school or university club and run for that, will apply.
    2. Runners who have run in any race as the member of one club but who leave that club must inform the Race Director at least one week before running in any further race. If they wish to run as “unattached” they shall pay the full entry fee or pay a supplement of £3 (per race if not a series entrant) if already entered and prepaid; they may run as a member of another club but will not count in that club’s teams and must not run in that club’s vest.
    3. Except as under subclause (ii) above, all runners who are entered as members of a UKA-affiliated club must run in the normal racing vest of that club. Other runners must not wear the vest of any such club. Failure to observe this rule will result in a warning on the first occasion and disqualification thereafter.
    4. Unattached runners may join a club during the series but will not have any fees refunded, and shall count as part of that club’s teams only after notifying the Entries Secretary in writing not less than seven days before a race.
  4. There will be separate team competitions for men and for ladies. All teams shall consist of six runners of the same gender. The first six for each club will count as the “A” team, the next as the “B” team, etc. Teams do not need to consist of the same runners in different races.
  5. Point scores are based on finishing positions
    • within individual categories for individuals
    • in overall position amongst men or ladies for teams
    • for series, both individual and team score by lowest aggregate
    • individuals: best four of five races to count (or one less than the number of races if any cancelled)
    • teams: all races to count. “Last place scores” shall be added if an A team is at most two members short.
    • ties will be resolved by “head-to-head wins” (including the fifth race if necessary) – in the case of first position (only) and two “wins” apiece, aggregate times will determine the winner of a division
    • overall men’s and ladies’ series winners determined by overall men’s/ladies’ positions
  6. Any runner causing a traffic or other hazard, whether whilst running, parking, or when driving away before other runners have completed the race, may be disciplined by the referee and may be disqualified.
  7. The wearing of personal music devices is deemed a hazard and will result in disqualification.
  8. Any behaviour that might be deemed offensive to local residents will result in disqualification and exclusion from subsequent races.