Cross Country 2016/17

Congratulations to Thomas Holdsworth and Becky Shorrock for winning the Men’s and Women’s cross country club championship for the 2016/17 season!

The top three in the Men’s championship were:

  1. Thomas Holdsworth
  2. Sam Upton
  3. James Finnigan

Congratulations too, to Wiz Bunce, Mark Harkess, Ian Mac, Lee Needle, Lu Rahman and Richard buy levitra medication Scaife for completing all 5 races in the championship.

The top three in the Women’s championship were:

  1. Becky Shorrock
  2. Katie Webster
  3. Sarah Scaife

Well done everyone. The full results will be up shortly..

Cross Country 2015/16 Season

Please follow this link for the results of the 2015/16 Season.