Mota-vation 2008

Congratulations to Stephen Kimber who regained the Championship from Steve Male in a closely fought series and to Nikki Smith who led the ladies in every race. A powerhouse finish enabled Oxford City to retain the Men’s team championship while Headington comfortably retained the Ladies’ title.

We would like to thank all those who have helped make this series a success by marshalling, and the participating clubs in contributing to this effort; in particular we should mention Bob Green and Laurie Hurman who set up the signage on all the courses.


Final Series Individual Standings (Best 4 of 5)

4 SIMMONS JACOB Banbury Harriers
14 HAMILTON DANIEL Abingdon Amblers
16 HAMILTON ALEX Abingdon Amblers
21 LE GOOD SIMON Witney Road Runners
22 MARKS MATTHEW Eynsham Road Runners
4 KIMBER STEPHEN Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow
14 HARRIS GARY Headington Road Runners
25 NEWELL LES Abingdon Amblers
26 HAILS PHILIP Witney Road Runners
31 FERNANDEZ PAUL Abingdon Amblers
37 ELLIS OZ Abingdon Amblers
38 WRIGHT TIM Banbury Harriers
42 JEGOU PAUL White Horse Harriers
45 BOLTON JAMES Woodstock Harriers
53 RILEY CHRIS Bedford & County AC
54 TUCKER CARL Cherwell Runners
55 COPLEY STEPHEN Abingdon Amblers
56 SUMMERFIELD MARTYN Vale of Aylesbury AC
57 EGERTON PHILIP Abingdon Amblers
66 COOKE JASON White Horse Harriers
67 ORANGE TOM Cherwell Runners
80 PRITCHARD SIMON Banbury Harriers
85 GOULD RICHARD Alchester Running Club
87 PEBODY DANIEL Cherwell Runners
108 DUMORE MARTIN Headington Road Runners
108 BRIENS JEAN MARC Witney Road Runners
114 GAME KEVIN Woodstock Harriers
115 PRICE HANS Woodstock Harriers
117 CARTER NEIL Kidlington R & AC
119 DYKES KEVIN Unattached
149 HOWARD FRASER Headington Road Runners
165 BRUCE JASON Unattached
166 GILES ANTHONY Witney Road Runners
171 KEMBLE LAURENCE Headington Road Runners
176 WATTS ADRIAN Abingdon Amblers
178 KELLY ADAM Unattached
181 LAV BORIS Unattached
189 PERKINS CRAIG Headington Road Runners
203 SMITH ADAM Witney Road Runners
204 DAWSON KEVIN Eynsham Road Runners
208 WAKEFIELD IAIN Kidlington R & AC
214 DIGWEED TOM Alchester Running Club
215 AGER MATTHEW Kidlington R & AC
221 SMITH CHRIS Unattached
235 SMITH STEVEN Witney Road Runners
240 COURTNEY PAUL Alchester Running Club
264 MACDONALD ANDREW Cherwell Runners
265 RACKLEY TREVOR Alchester Running Club
270 MITCHELL NEIL Unattached
272 SULLEY ANDREW Headington Road Runners
284 SAXEL MARK Witney Road Runners
295 WHITE DAVID Headington Road Runners
303 FERNEYHOUGH BEN Unattached
11 ZVEREV VASILY Headington Road Runners
13 ATYEO JOHN Witney Road Runners
20 HOBDAY CALV Cherwell Runners
33 NOBLE CHRISTOPHER Cherwell Runners
45 HUCKER ANDI Alchester Running Club
53 PIKE ANDREW Woodstock Harriers
53 GILKES PHIL Cherwell Runners
59 BRIDGES GRAHAM Eynsham Road Runners
88 WEBSTER ROB Serpentine
89 BULLARD NICK Cherwell Runners
89 ROBERTS ALAN Vale of Aylesbury AC
94 HAMILTON NICHOLAS Abingdon Amblers
95 FERRIS GRAHAM Witney Road Runners
97 HALL NICK Woodstock Harriers
97 NICKAU HANNO Headington Road Runners
99 TUCKER GUY Cherwell Runners
109 PEAKE JOHN White Horse Harriers
110 LEECH SIMON White Horse Harriers
111 AINSLIE PAUL Witney Road Runners
117 ATKIN SIMON White Horse Harriers
123 HOWELL STEVE Woodstock Harriers
136 PIDGEON MARK Woodstock Harriers
142 PEAKE STAN Hook Norton Harriers
153 SLATOR CLIVE Headington Road Runners
169 SMEDDLE JEREMY White Horse Harriers
174 CONNOLLY DANIEL Unattached
178 CHERRY NICK Alchester Running Club
178 CLARK NIGEL Eynsham Road Runners
186 LOCKWOOD ANDREW Witney Road Runners
188 DOLDIN NICHOLAS Bicester Athletic Club
205 COWLS STEVE Headington Road Runners
211 TRAVI COLIN Woodstock Harriers
215 DAY GRAHAM Headington Road Runners
215 LOGAN ROSS Headington Road Runners
221 MUNDAY ANDREW Headington Road Runners
227 GOODWIN CLYDE Bicester Athletic Club
240 FOWLER IAN Witney Road Runners
243 CLARKE RICHARD Headington Road Runners
7 GREEN BRIAN Oxford City AC
15 DIXON TREVOR Oxford City AC
16 HURMAN LAURIE Headington Road Runners
30 WHITLOCK TONY Eynsham Road Runners
39 CHARD KEN Witney Road Runners
41 RAYNER PETER Woodstock Harriers
51 LE GOOD GRAHAM Witney Road Runners
61 BERGER DAVID Abingdon Amblers
64 COY PHILIP Banbury Harriers
72 LARBALESTIER PETER Eynsham Road Runners
75 BLOOMFIELD BARRY Cherwell Runners
76 COATES DAVID Cherwell Runners
87 SMITH GARETH White Horse Harriers
97 HOWARD STEVE Alchester Running Club
99 SHAW JOHN Cherwell Runners
100 CHAMBERS JONATHAN Headington Road Runners
108 GREEN BOB Headington Road Runners
113 BARTLETT ANDY Banbury Harriers
118 BRAUND ANDY Witney Road Runners
126 GARNER ANDREW Abingdon Amblers
134 LEWIS GARETH Unattached
137 JOHNSON MARTIN Eynsham Road Runners
147 BARTLE JOHN Witney Road Runners
153 SPENCER IAN Eynsham Road Runners
155 GOUGH NICK Abingdon Amblers
156 MCCORMAC JOHN Witney Road Runners
165 BOON MICHAEL Banbury Harriers
189 GASCOIGNE ROGER Eynsham Road Runners
16 WORTHINGTON MICHAEL Headington Road Runners
20 SHIPWAY MIKE Woodstock Harriers
22 GREENLAND THORNTON Abingdon Amblers
23 PRITCHARD GLYNN Banbury Harriers
30 SMITH GEOFFREY Banbury Harriers
35 POOLE LARRY Eynsham Road Runners
47 BASHAM DAVID Alchester Running Club
48 LAMBERT NIGEL Alchester Running Club
61 GILBERT BARRY Wadhurst Runners
63 CREASEY ANDY Eynsham Road Runners
66 VILLIERS KIT Headington Road Runners
69 ABRAMS JOHN Witney Road Runners
5 LARBALESTIER HANNAH Eynsham Road Runners
7 SMITH KATHERINE Witney Road Runners
4 SMITH NIKKI Witney Road Runners
13 MOORE DIANE Headington Road Runners
14 BARNES HELEN Headington Road Runners
22 HOPKINS ADRIENNE Headington Road Runners
36 COLCLOUGH EDWINA Alchester Running Club
49 EARLEY KATHARINE Headington Road Runners
52 SCARLETT TRACEY Woodstock Harriers
53 ADAMS KATY Abingdon Amblers
56 ROUT MARIE Eynsham Road Runners
62 KENNEDY SHEELA Cherwell Runners
66 LEAVESLEY NICOLA Woodstock Harriers
71 PIPER MICHELLE Abingdon Amblers
82 TE WINKEL MAAIKE Witney Road Runners
89 SAMMONS LISA Woodstock Harriers
101 GOODWIN CLAIRE Banbury Harriers
103 DENNESS NATASHA Headington Road Runners
117 SPARROW EMILY Alchester Running Club
121 LANCASTER HEIDI Kidlington R & AC
131 MAKINS HANNAH Witney Road Runners
6 DIXON JULIE Banbury Harriers
11 SHEPPARD SHARRON Wodstock Harriers
11 BARTLETT MICHELLE Banbury Harriers
14 RENDELL SARAH Alchester Running Club
19 MATTHEWS SARAH Abingdon Amblers
25 TURNER SUSAN Headington Road Runners
28 REES SAMANTHA Hook Norton Harriers
36 MORTON SUE Kidlington R & AC
44 STURDY LINDSEY Unattached
53 DAY ALISON Abingdon Amblers
54 MORGAN ANNE Headington Road Runners
67 EGERTON SAMANTHA Abingdon Amblers
73 HAYNES PAM Cherwell Runners
81 GOULD EMMA Alchester Running Club
95 MCLOUGHLIN MARIE Cherwell Runners
100 MITCHELL ELIZABETH Headington Road Runners
103 DICKINSON JANE Kidlington R & AC
103 THOMAS SARAH Abingdon Amblers
111 CARTER EMMA Headington Road Runners
119 BUTLER ELAINE Eynsham Road Runners
4 GOMM NICOLA Witney Road Runners
8 BANKS ANGELA Alchester Running Club
10 WOLANSKI SANDRA Headington Road Runners
21 HOWELL GILLIAN Woodstock Harriers
23 SHAW KIM Cherwell Runners
27 WILSON PATRICIA Abingdon Amblers
31 HARRISON SUSAN Woodstock Harriers
33 FISCHER MARIE-ANNE Headington Road Runners
38 LARBALESTIER JANE Eynsham Road Runners
40 DOUGLAS SUE Abingdon Amblers
54 HOWARD HAZEL Alchester Running Club
62 GASCOIGNE SHEILA Eynsham Road Runners
65 CHRISTIE SHARON Witney Road Runners
65 BURTON CHRISTINE Cherwell Runners
71 MOLD BRIDGET Alchester Running Club
76 HARRIS MARION Alchester Running Club
80 RUSSELL MARY Headington Road Runners
83 CHARD PAT Witney Road Runners
87 KEELEY MARISA Eynsham Road Runners
4 WILLIAMSON KATE Eynsham Road Runners
9 HAILEY DEE Hook Norton Harriers
13 CARPENTER LILIAN Hook Norton Harriers
15 BLATCHFORD NOEL Abingdon Amblers
28 O’SULLIVAN MAUREEN Headington Road Runners

Final Series Team Scores: Men

Team score Club
549 Oxford City AC A
673 Abingdon Amblers A
1032 Woodstock Harriers A
1111 Cherwell Runners A
1138 Headington Road Runners A
1313 Witney Road Runners A
1534 Oxford City AC B
1989 Banbury Harriers A
2095 Alchester Running Club A
2340 White Horse Harriers A
2540 Abingdon Amblers B
2581 Eynsham Road Runners A
2678 Headington Road Runners B
2686 Woodstock Harriers B
2976 Kidlington R & AC A
3073 Witney Road Runners B
3639 Cherwell Runners B
3973 Headington Road Runners C
4268 Alchester Running Club B
4529 Eynsham Road Runners B
4673 Witney Road Runners C

Final Series Team Scores: Ladies

Team score Club
93 Headington Road Runners A
128 Witney Road Runners A
237 Alchester Running Club A
255 Headington Road Runners B
328 Banbury Harriers A
329 Abingdon Amblers A
360 Woodstock Harriers A
446 Eynsham Road Runners A
478 Kidlington R & AC A
513 Headington Road Runners C
562 Abingdon Amblers B
563 Witney Road Runners B
649 Cherwell Runners A
689 Alchester Running Club B
791 Eynsham Road Runners B
915 Abingdon Amblers C
1133 Eynsham Road Runners C