This is a race with a difference … Kidlington Running Club is proud to be organising the Miracle Marathon a relay event designed to test a group of runners to challenge the World Record Marathon time with all proceeds going to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Set at the historic home of the 4 minute mile, the Iffley Road Athletics Track will play host to runners in teams, doing 200m relays in order to complete a marathon as fast as they can.

Ideally with teams of more than 20 runners each runner will only need to run 200m, 10 or 11 times to go the full 42.195 kilometres (26.219 miles; 26 miles 385 yards), or 211 sets of 200m. Each team will have a baton with a watch attached to it measuring speed and distance for the team. Individuals will be invited to also take part in the 4 minute mile challenge at the same time, trying to run their best 8 200m relay lengths in under 4 minutes.

How it works:

  • Get a group of fellow runners together and sign up at the link below (ideally 20+ in a team) – If you’ve not got enough, don’t worry just email me, and I’ll fit you in with other people to make a team
  • It would be helpful, if as a team, you have a coordinator/captain who’s happy to act as a central contact point. (They can run too)
  • The race will start at 10am on Sunday 14th July, but we would encourage runners to get to the event site from 9am.
  • Then on the day you’ll need to be aware of who’s running when and a keep an eye on your starts, sprint your 200m, then have about 10 minutes off and sprint again… until your team completes the marathon. (GPS watches on batons will ensure you’ve done it regardless of where on the track you run!)
  • There’s a minimum age of 12, and any runners under 16 will need to have a parent or guardian with them.
  • On the day I’m hoping slower runners will be happy running on the inside lane, and faster runners will push into the outer lanes.

This event is aimed at being inclusive and all members of teams should take part, where there maybe slower runners the teams total is the important result, and so the faster runners will help bring the time down, while not being able to maintain their speed if required to do many laps!

There will also be plenty for non runners to do besides support with music, a raffle, food and drink available throughout the morning and into the early afternoon.

To enter, please sign up on the Eventbrite website here:
Eventbrite - The Miracle Marathon

Further details will be sent to runners closer to the time. Also the event is live on Facebook here: