It seems fitting that the first talk of our new talk series started us off at the beginning. The beginning of what it means to run, how to run, and more importantly how we are designed to run.

David Perry works as a running coach using the Run for Freedom method, and his talk on an equally appropriate wet night on Monday 14th October 7.30pm @Stratfield Brake was entitled; “My 8 keys for fast, whete can yoy buy tramadol legally efficient, effortless distance running.”

To view the talk click on the video below.

David Perry’s Talk…

A huge thank you to David for coming to speak to us on this fascinating topic that challenged some of the fundamentals of running technique. It’s also with his agreement that we can share this video, so please enjoy it, and if you’re using it or sharing it make sure he’s acknowledged.

Winter Talk Series #1 – David Perry “8 Keys for fast, efficient, effortless distance running”
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